Running Gear

Ground Support Products Corporation manufactures and sells GSP running gear and its component parts. Our parts fit and replace Clyde dolly, FAST dolly, Iscar and other manufacturer dolly and cart parts in the airline industry. Our GSP products include front swivel casters, rear rigid casters, dolly and other tire and wheel assemblies, fifth wheel hubs, and the various dolly component parts.

Double End Units

The GSP double end unit is made up of two GSP hubs which rotate around one spindle. GSP manufactures end units in various sizes and with various features.


Our hubs fit Clyde, FAST(WASP), and Lewellyn GSE equipment and have been specified by most airlines and package carriers.


Ground Support Products Spindles are made with 1 3/4" stock for added strength. Our spindles fit Clyde, FAST(WASP), and other GSE equipment.

Front Swivel Caster

The Front Swivel Caster Assembly is used as the front running gear on cargo dollies. The three main elements in the Front Swivel Caster Assembly are the double end unit, tire/wheel assembly, and vertical spindle. The vertical spindle is used in conjunction with the fifth wheel hub assembly.

Rear Rigid Caster

The Rear Rigid Caster Assembly is used as the rear running gear on cargo dollies. It is composed of three main elements; rear rigid post, double end unit, and tire/wheel assembly.

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