Ground Support Products Corporation supplies a variety of high quality airline casters. All GSP casters have sealed double ball race wheel bearings to prevent dirt and debris from obstructing movement of the caster wheel. Our products are designed and manufactured specifically for the roughness of the airline industry. They are made with the highest quality design and material to ensure top-rate performance and a longer life.

Original Equipment Casters

Our caster has a 3.5mm fork, which is 1/2 mm thicker than most casters. This thickness provides additional strength and in turn adds extra life to the caster.

Pressed Steel Casters With Sealed Base Bearings

Sealed wheel and base bearings prevent dirt and debris from obstructing movement of the caster wheel and base.

Forged Steel Casters

The strength of forged steel construction combined with GSP's best caster features make this caster GSP's strongest and longest lasting GSE caster.

Toe Guard (Winged) Casters

The Toe Guard or 'wing' is a safety feature which covers the area around the caster wheel. The 'wing' prevents foreign objects from obstructing caster movement and protects the feet of maintenance personnel working on equipment.

Stair Casters

GSP stair casters come with and without brakes and with many different types of wheels.

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