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Tires and Wheel Exchange Program

Tires and Wheel Exchange ProgramGround Support Products has a tire and wheel exchange program for tires used on FMC AND LANTIS LOADERS. The life of our natural rubber solid pneumatic tires is three to five times that of the foam filled pneumatic tires. The casing of our tire can be recapped four to five times.

Here's how the program works:

  1. You place a purchase order with GSP along with the size, make, model, and year of the piece of equipment.
  2. We immediately ship your order of new tires mounted on rims.
  3. You ship your old tires to our Georgia warehouse. The old tires are dismounted and the rims are mounted on new tires. These tires are now ready to be shipped to you for your next order.
  4. We will ship the tires to you freight collect and you will return the old tires to us at a junk rate.
  5. You will pay for the replacement of any damaged or broken rims.

There are many times when out stations need a tire the next day. The fact that we inventory these tires and that we perform this service will greatly benefit you.