Toe Guard (Winged) Casters

Toe Guard (Winged) CastersSealed base and wheel bearings; 3.5mm fork; poly urethane wheel.

The Toe Guard or 'Wing' is a safety feature which covers the area around the caster. It prevents foreign objects from obstructing caster movement and protects the feet of maintenance personnel working on equipment.

Part Number Overall Height Load Capacity Other Characteristics
97102-W 4.01" (102mm) 500kgs (1,102 lbs.) Two hole base plate; top plate has a diameter of 5.50"
9796-W* 3 25/32" (96mm) 500 kgs (1,102 lbs.) Six hole base plate*; top plate has a diameter of 4 5/8"

* Drawing of base plate located below