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About Us

Ground Support Products was founded in 1983 by Hugh I. Hunt. After many years of sales in the tire and automotive industry he found a growing market on the runways of America's airports. The industry was still in its youth and desperately needed products designed and manufactured specifically for use on airline ground equipment. Mr. Hunt soon found himself dealing exclusively in Ground Support Equipment. He started Ground Support Products Corporation and began working on the designs for his first tires. Tires led to rollers and casters, hubs and double end units. For twenty years Ground Support Products has been dedicated to developing new products to increase the capabilities and improve the efficiency of airport ground equipment.

Ground Support Products designs, manufactures, and sells casters, tires, wheels, hubs, spindles and other GSE machined parts. By manufacturing the parts ourselves we control the design and quality of our products. This also enables Ground Support Products to adjust specifications according to the needs of our customers and the changes in the industry. By being both manufacturer and seller, we are able to provide our customers with quality products for reasonable prices.

Our products can be found on equipment throughout the world. We are a major supplier of casters used in transfer systems and running gear on baggage carts and dollies. If our product does not come on original equipment, you can specify it at no extra charge. Parts can be ordered directly from Ground Support Products or they can be specified through your parts supplier. If you are looking for a product and can not find it in this website or in our catalogue, please call and speak with a sales representative and we will do our best to help you find it.